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Greetings ...

  my name is Anthony. I'm introducing my business here as an experienced database developer and IT professional. I promote Filemaker Pro™ and design associated solutions for numerous technical and business applications.

Since graduating in engineering and computer science, I've continually designed and programmed applications ('Apps'). I've traveled domestically and abroad to integrate my work and continue to enjoy challenging assignments.

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In addition to developing, I also enjoy administrating with respect to file maintenance, expansion, and cloud hosting. I mostly telecommute but am always open to assist on-site.

Tab-Key Solutions ...

Filemaker Pro Inc. has recently published new applications with its latest software release. I encourage everyone to incorporate some of the latest technology and invite any proposal to customize them or an existing solution to uniquely suit you. Begining with a newer template, though, just may prove the most economical.

Key Difference ...

With over ten years experience designing and managing Filemaker Pro™ databases, and given the faster paced technology improvements, users are increasingly benefiting from quicker computational methods, more efficient coding, and friendlier visual and user interfaces - it's exciting!

Again, if you need database administration and development, please contact me.

Thank you, Anthony

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