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Tab-Key provides custom and turnkey Filemaker™ database solutions.   Our designs are offered for royalty free customization and can be downloaded to immediately begin managing your finances, scheduling, project management, and communications.

Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

Tab-Key Bundled Solutions

Turn-Key™ is an application that combines our most useful solutions to easily manage many personal and business matters. It includes invoice management and broadcast emailing in addition to what you may expect in a robust contact management program. To view the many sample layouts of this program, click here or visit our store to purchase a copy.

Key Experience

With over ten years of fundamental FilemakerPro™ developments, we've established good design practices, quick computational methods and intuitive and helpful resources to best promote our applications productivity and ease of use.   If you require database development involving retailing, finance, real estate, engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and education, feel free to contact us for a consultation or to assist you.

Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

Turn-Key™ Version 6

This version includes many features to manage a small business, projects & schedules, organize finances and keep track of both personal and business liabilities & assets. The following images highlight many of the screens used for data entry, printing, and reporting:

Turn-key can be downloaded for trial use.     Please visit our store for details.

Key layouts

Contact & Events
• Directory
Directory designs can be customized and utilizes an interchangable skin file.

• Event
View recurring info, and a calendar on the same screen with links to optional project management details for each event.

• Event entry
Enter the start and end dates directly from the calendar. Use the wizard below to search events easily.

• Menu icons
Icons can be interchanged quickly by swaping favorite skins and editing available graphics.

• Calculator
A spreadsheet-like calculator often comes in handy. Results can be stored for each record.

• Pop-up Menu
Pop-up menus without plugins! and interchangable icons.

• Alerts List
Select "Due" from the pull-down menu to view time and date spans. Alerts are refreshed on demand.

• Flexible Directory
Directory allows up to 6 custom directories and utilizes an interchangable skin file.

• Deposit Entry Form
Enter a deposit as you would write out a check!.

• Split Expense View
Any debit can have numerous "splits" - an itemization of the total expense.

• Budget Chart
At a glance, view your budget's charts to view your financial activity. Each Acccount can have a budget setup.

• Monthly Cash Flow
A simple chart indicating your monthly expenditures - Black being positive!

• Quarterly Cash Flow
Sum up every three months for a Quarterly view.

• Debits Vs Credits
An overlay chart showing both debits and credits each month!


Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

Developer Version 6

Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!
Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

On Sale: $269
This product contains the filemaker pro files that comprise our Turn-Key™ program.
Filemaker Pro version 6 is required.
No external plug-ins are used.
Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

Runtime Version 6

Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!
Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

 On Sale: $69
This program is essential for managing invoices, financial accounts, calendars, project events, contacts, and journals.
Click here to view its list of features.

PC Compatibily: WinXP, Vista & Win7-32bit

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Shipping Early 2nd Quarter!

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Anthony Garcia, Architect & Coordinator
Bart Bartholomay, Calendar engine & Layout
FMUG, Lakewood, Colorado
Christina St. Paul, Quality & Creative Control
Marina Toscano, Marketing & Commerce
Lauren Ball, Customer Service & Public Relations

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